International Marketing Project


Don't forget to cite your sources and keep writing in your own words!
keep track of every resource you use — remember to cite within text and create a bibliography entry

Language (use this title)


Introduction (paragraph) - you may want to do this after you graph your information.

Write a paragraph introducing the prevalent languages of your country and what this would mean for business communications. For example, in France, English is widely spoken; however, you have more respect if you speak French as a visitor.

National or Official Language (labeled statistic)

A labeled statistic of the major language in your country.

Dialects or Minor Languages (bulleted list and descriptions)

This section should describe dialects or minor languages and should include a written description of who and where these are spoken.

World Languages (1 graphs and 1 bullet list)

  1. Top Ten Languages (primary and secondary)
    • From Infoplease

      Formatting the Language Graph

      • List the data in millions
      • Set your graph up so that each country reads along the x-axis rather than in a legend.
      • Click on the x-axis and format the font size so all countries are visible and readable.
  2. World's Twenty Five Most Influential Languages from List25
    • You are to make a bulleted list of top 10 languages from an influential standpoint.
    • Write a short desription next to each of the bullet points for the top 4 most influential languages
    • If the language used in your particular country is in the top 4 - please mention that


Fun Activity

Can you put the top 10 spoken languages in order?