International Marketing Project

Issues Brochure

Your task is to create an "issues" brochure for people traveling to or interested in your country. Your brochure will need to include information about your social, environmental, or political issue in your particular country. This brochure would be an aid for individuals interested in your cause and your IMP country. You will be graded on the design, as well as the content you present.

  1. Helpful article from 10 Tips for Creating Professional Brochure Designs
  2. You may do this in Word, Photoshop, Illustratior, InDesign or Publisher (export as PDF - our Mac computers cannot read Publisher)

Below is a list of topics that could be covered in your brochure and resources both of which were adapted from a Web Quest activity on creating a travel brochure. Much of this information you may already have in your IMP paper.

  1. a detailed map of the destination
  2. geographic and environmental descriptions
  3. A focus around the issue and the product/service you are offering
    1. Define the issue
    2. Affects of the issue
    3. Why care about the issue
    4. Social responsibility - could include: human rights, the environment, fair operating practices, consumer issues, and/or community involvement and development.
  4. language(s) spoken
  5. specific historical locations
  6. a schedule of tours/site specific information
  7. appropriate pictures
  8. etiquette info as require
  9. A call to action (how can we help?)

Visuals and Resources