International Marketing Project


Don't forget to cite your sources and keep writing in your own words!
keep track of every resource you use — remember to cite within text and create a bibliography entry

Thinking Well – Preliminary Research

Every country in the world has some type of problem or issue that affects a percentage of its population. Issues can range from extreme poverty to high levels of drug addiction to poor water quality. Each country is unique in terms of its political and economic systems, social programs, and environment, so issues affecting people are equally unique.

Your job for this piece of the IMP is to identify an issue in your country to focus on for creating/expanding a non-profit organization.

Identifying an Issue

Because each country has a diverse set of issues, how you select an issue to tackle should be based on your interests. So if you're interested in environmental issues, you may look into pollution, or if you're interested in social issues, you could explore poverty in your country. Whichever angle you take, the issue MUST BE CURRENT.

Research Writing (essay)

Since each issue will be unique, the guidelines for this section will be more general than other sections. However, we've included a basic outline of you to follow.


The introduction needs to lead the reader into the issue you are addressing. DON'T use 1st person in this case – address this piece from 3rd person. Include a thesis statement – this should tell the reader how the issue affects the people in your country and why. The body paragraphs will reinforce your thesis statement by showing the reader details about how and why the issue affects people.

Important for you to note – this piece does NOT cover your solution or strategy for helping with the issue. This will be ANOTHER section of the IMP – focus solely on the issue itself and how it affects your country and the people.

Body Paragraphs (minimum 3 paragraphs)

  1. One paragraph should focus on defining and describing the issue in general terms (the what) – i.e. how is poverty defined, or how do we determine poor water quality, or teen homelessness is characterized by..., etc.
  2. A second paragraph should focus on describing how it affects the people in your country (the how) and should include at least one graph to illustrate the seriousness of the problem.
  3. A third paragraph should describe why we should care about this particular issue and the benefits of eliminating or reducing the problem for the people.


The conclusion should reinforce the introduction and thesis statement, and also provide the reader with a statement about how you plan to help reduce or eliminate the problem with your non-profit idea which will be outlined in the next section.