International Marketing Project


Don't forget to cite your sources and keep writing in your own words!
keep track of every resource you use — remember to cite within text and create a bibliography entry

Housing and Communication (list this title)


Introduction (paragraph)

Using the information you will gather below, interpret what the information means to the individuals who live in your country and how it could potentially affect business decisions.

For example, smaller houses means less (if any) need for multiple TV sets or telephones. It might mean different types of furniture as well. Certainly the success of home improvement super stores in the United States would have little chance of happening in a country where people predominantly rent. Furthermore, the marketing of automobiles in a predominately crowded urban area might be questionable as well. All of this information might give insight or reinforcement to spending habits and the economic status of the population as we discovered in the economic section.

Typical Housing Structures (paragraph)

Write a general description about the type of housing structures typically available in your country. You will answer the question of what type of dwelling people live in.

By housing we mean "structure" — houses, apartments, huts, etc.

This information may be found in sources we have already used (country name + way of life). When searching for information, you may find the following terms helpful: housing, accommodations, housing statistics, urban/rural, dwellings, etc.

Housing Statistics (graph)

Graph two of the following housing statistics below and compare your country to the US and two other countries.

  1. Persons per room — from Nationmaster (graph)
  2. Home Ownership
  3. Size of houses
  4. Urbanization
  5. Housing Stats — from the UN - open up excel file


Example of Number of Rooms in Cambodia (shown right)

Communications (paragraph)

Interpret the following sections:

  1. Telephone Systems: Write an assessment on the state of the Telephone System in your country
  2. Internet: Write an assessment on the state of the Internet in your country
  3. Television and Radio: Write an assessment on the state of the Television and Radio system in your country

CIA Factbook — click on your country > communication


Save as housing in your IMP folder