International Marketing Project

CSB Global Fair Booth Design - Images link

The Global Fair is designed to simulate how a non-profit business might promote itself to encourage individuals or investors to support their company in their specific political-social-economic issue in a specific foreign market. It is also designed to showcase your county of study to the students in the CSB and demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of said country.

Your role as a presenter will be to introduce your country, issue, and non-profit and what they offer both the consuming public and those that are socially aware. While your role as an audience member will be to gather information about the different businesses and countries and determine if the presented foreign market has potential for the proposed non-profit.

As a presenter, you will set up your booth along with other junior and senior members of BIS. Each presenter will be required to do about six presentations to an audience made up predominantly of your CSB classmates. You are also welcome to invite parents, siblings or any other individual that you feel may be interested in seeing your presentation.


Required Components

Please note: for some of these items, you will need to make a trip to a local copy center to ensure professional quality — we will print one copy of your print ad and one copy of your brochure in color (brochure must be sent as a pdf or jpg to Rogan).

Booth (5 points)

Aim for outstanding visual and professional quality

This is a chance for you to get creative and utilize some of the marketing and graphic skills you've learned in the CSB. In addition to using your print ad and issues brochure, your booth must also include the following items:

  1. Print ad
  2. Issues Brochure
  3. Some sort of sign or similar that shows what country you will be presenting
  4. Visuals that will add to your table (table cloth, trinkets, picture frames, etc.)
  5. A prototype or example of your item that you are selling in support of your non-profit*
  6. Authentic cuisine from your country*
  7. authentic cultural pieces from your country*

*Not a required component of the booth- usually a very cool addition (not a focus of your presentation please)


Handouts are useful advertising plugs in presentations designed like the Global Fair. Along with your brochure, you should also consider these handouts:

  1. Issue Brochure - You must provide professional copies (4 – 6) of the Issue brochure (these can be black and white),
  2. A slideshow that runs concurrently with your presentation - can be both informative and visually stimulating look at your country.*
  3. A one–page script*
    • A miniaturized version of your presentation, complete with logo, bar graphs, and sales pitch — why is it a good idea to support your non-profit? Who will this benefit?
  4. business card*
  5. poster or similar*

*Not a required component of the booth, but those looking for exceptional scores should provide three of the four items listed

Summer in Sweden

Presentation Attire

Aim to dress in attire representing the professional/business style in your country.