International Marketing Project

Geographical Area Analysis

Don't forget to cite your sources and keep writing in your own words!
keep track of every resource you use — remember to cite within text and create a bibliography entry

Before starting this section, if you have not done so yet, create an IMP folder to save all of your project files into (including this one). This will make it much easier to compile all the sections together for your final project.

Geographical Area Analysis (list this title)


Essay (one – two pages)

Write an essay with the following required elements:

  1. Introduction
    • You might use the "the front door approach" to grab the reader's attention — think about what your boss might want to hear about this country such as unique geographical features that a business could capitalize on.
    • Thesis Statement — one sentence that informs the reader what the section is about
  2. Body Paragraphs — three body paragraphs that include details for:
    • Location — describe the location of your trade area. This is in relation to the rest of the world or country. Think in terms of how easily products could be distributed in your trade area. Discuss shipping problems that may occur (i.e. landlocked country). Discuss benefits as well.
    • Climate — describe seasonal weather patterns, precipitation, etc. Discuss the impact of climate on distribution of products or sources of products that the climate is conducive to (mostly agricultural).¬†Give an overall view of the climate including temperatures, seasonal variations, potential acts of gods, etc.
    • Topography — describe the topography. Again, how does it impact distribution of products and delivery. Does the topography enhance distribution? (i.e.) mountainous terrain creates havoc for distribution especially in winter.¬†Also, what type of opportunities/problems does this create. Include industries or resources that are enhanced by the topography such as recreation, hydroelectric power, or mineral deposits.
  3. Conclusion
    • End with a strong paragraph, highlighting some of the key points addressed in the body paragraphs

Political Map (most current)

Insert a current political map in the body of your essay. Resize the image so it doesn't take up the entire width of the page, and use the "word wrap" tool so the text wraps around the image.

Take some time to find a nice, detailed map of your country. Site your map

Geographical Benefits (bulleted list)

Include a bulleted list of geographical benefits that a business could potentially capitalize on — i.e. the warm, mediterranean climate makes Greece a premier tourist destination. Put this in the place your feel would be the best for showcasing your country.

Writing Tips

  1. Prove you were there — sort of — by using Google Earth to gain a "street side" view. Careful description makes a scene more believable for readers.
  2. Show me what you told me: If you write something vague, go into the details that show the reader what you mean. Don't expect them to understand abstract thoughts, they need concrete examples to move the story forward.
  3. Look at the weather conditions
  4. Click the blue x's in Google Earth to look at places of interest


Geographical Setting — Rogania