International Marketing Project



Left and right margins should be one inch.

Header and Footer

Select View > Header and Footer


  1. Insert your name on the left and the name of your country on the right (tab the cursor over to the right).


  1. Insert page numbers by selecting the Insert Page Number button in the Header and Footer menu.
  2. Center the page number by selecting the Center Align button in the formatting menu (the one at the top).

Line Spacing

  1. Single space the rest of the paper


  1. Set the paragraph alignment to left align
  2. Do not indent new paragraphs. Drop down a line for a new paragraph — in other words, double space between paragraphs.

Font Size and Type

  1. Your paper should use a consistent font throughout, those that do not will be marked down.
  2. Use 12 point font for the body paragraphs. You may use 14 or 16 point font for subtitles.
  3. Use a professional font. Times New Roman, Arial, Verdana, or Helevetica are all recommended. No script fonts should be used.

Widows and Orphans

Good formatting practice is to never have one of any report element by itself. For example, the first line of a paragraph should not be at the bottom of a page with the rest to follow. After your whole report is formatted, use ctrl-enter to eliminate any of these situations.