International Marketing Project


Don't forget to cite your sources and keep writing in your own words!
keep track of every resource you use — remember to cite within text and create a bibliography entry

Education (list this title)


General Description (paragraph)

This will be a written description of what the education system is like in your country. You should describe how long students tend to go to school in your country, what age they start, if the government supports education, etc.

Look online for sites that may be beneficial – Search "education in ..."

Enrollment Levels (graph and interpretation)

Nationmaster is an excellent resource

Compare enrollment ratios for your country with the United States for the following two sections:

  1. enrollment ratio > secondary (this means high school)
  2. educational attainment > tertiary (this means post high school)

Start with Nationmaster, but If you are unable to find data on Nationmaster – please use unesco's site – you have to then choose your country – then education

Literacy Rates (graph and interpretation

Compare literacy rates in your country with the United States, Germany, and China. If your county is one of the three listed – pick another similar country.

Chosen Statistic (graph and interpratation)

Choose one other statistic such as "Years of Enrollment" or any other stat related to education that appears to set your country apart

Compare this statistic with that of the United States, Germany, and China – pick another similar country if your country is one of the three listed

Evaluation (paragraph)

Write a paragraph interpreting the data you have collected.

Things to consider: