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Economic Analysis I

Don't forget to cite your sources & keep writing in your own words!
keep track of every resource you use — remember to cite within text and create a bibliography entry

Economic Analysis (list this title)


Classification (in most cases this will be listed as one or two words - CIA Factobook and other sites to help define)

You should classify your economy as one of the three major economic systems: capitalism, socialism, or communism. Remember that there are very few countries that are purely one economic system or another. Most are usually classified by what they are most like.d

Under this category, simply type a one word description of your countries economy using the CIA World Fact Book, Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia It may also help to refer back to Economic Term PPT

For example, the United States is usually classified as capitalism which means that all means of production are privately owned.

Description (paragraph)

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In this section you should describe some background of the economy to support your classification above. It should also illustrate how the system is not purely capitalism, socialism, or communism.

For example, the United States is usually classified as capitalism which means that all means of production are privately owned. However, the United States does have industries which are government owned, such as the post office. Capitalism also usually means completely open competition. The U.S. regulates competition because in a pure capitalistic model, eventually one person would own everything.

If it is mainly capitalism, what industries are somewhat socialistic like the United States and its government ownership of the mail system. Your description should also illustrate that you understand what capitalism, socialism, and communism mean. (You only need to show you understand those that apply to your country.) You may need to look up capitalism, socialism, and communism individually

Economic Statistics and Activity (This is an overview statement that introduces the sections to follow - ie - Information which follows will introduce, compare and contrast........)

A statement that the following information will introduce the reader to a much greater understanding of the economics of your particular country - CIA Factbook Economic Summary is probably a great starting point to read and understand.

Resources (bulleted list with descriptions - list at least 3 each renewable and non-renewable)

List the renewable and non-renewable resources — indicate which is which. For each resource, (1) describe the resource and how it is primarily used (i.e. coal is a black, combustible mineral, and is the most common energy source used to generate electricity), and (2) explain how each is used by your country (i.e. oil is primarily exported to the US, China, and Europe and is a major revenue source to the Middle East).

Industries (bulleted list with descriptions)

List major industries, and provide a basic description for each to include the following:

GNP and/or GDP Official Exchange Rate (labeled statistic)

NOTE: a labled statistic is a written sentence that states a specific statistic. i.e., There are 24.048 Uruguayan pesos per US dollar.

Total GDP Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) (graph)

Compare your country to three (3) countries similar in size, population, political system, and economic development — match your three comparisons as close as possible — size is not necessarily as important as the other three.

Explain the significance of the above data in expanding business to your country.

Do you want the highest possible grade? Then do "A Cut Above the Rest:" identify three cities in your country with the highest Income per Capita and display in a graph

GDP Real Growth Rate (graph)

Compare your country to the same countries used in the above section - then interpret what this means (minimum of 2 sentences)

Gross National Income per Capita (graph)

Compare your country's Income per Capita to the US and the same countries used in the previous comparisons

Gross National Income per Capita — use this site - far right column - 2011-2015

After you make your graph, then interpret what this means (minimum of 2 sentences)


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