International Marketing Project

Country Selection Letter

Just recently you did an informal survey of product origins, as well as researched information about social, political and enviromental issues across the continents and are convinced there are a variety of opportunities in international business to impact these issues through the introduction of a non-profit venture.

You will be responsible for coming up with an idea(s) that would make your non-profit business successful by focusing on a the particular issue you have found (social, political, environmental, etc.) in the country you hope to study. In order to receive the issue of choice and county you are most interested in, you will make a recommendation through a formal letter of intent. We feel this the best avenue for fairness in country selection.

Each of you will write a formal letter requesting your top three choices of countries (in order of preference) to investigate and (eventually) create a non-profit.Please know this process is ultra competitive, and only the best will be rewarded with their first choice.

Consider your country choices carefully! You will be working with them the rest of the year.

A - Z list of Countries from the Department of State

A formal letter of intent will be written in block format and you will:
Knowing that only one individual will be assigned to each country, you know it is important to show you have some background and motivation to investigate your country of choice thoroughly. You must also present two alternative countries to your first choice since competition for more popular countries may be intense. Besides the key issue(s) you will be sharing, you will present factors that could include:


Write your formal letter of intent to:

After carefully proof reading your letter and making sure all key components are present, (to help insure you get your country) save this document in your directory (CSB Tri2) and email the letter to Rogan and Sinks as imp_letter