The BIS Internship Experience

Real world, real work experience – that's the BIS Internship Experience

What Is It & Why We Do It

Every junior and senior in BIS attends an internship at either a business, school, government agency, non-profit organization, or professional office one time a week for over two hours. The internship experience allows students to gain valuable workplace skills and insight into an occupation they are interested in.

For many students, the internship experience solidifies their ambitions to pursue a career in the related field of their site; however, some students learn from their experience that they would rather explore other options. Either way it turns out, the experience is valuable for students planning their futures.

Powerful Community Connections

CSB has sent students out to work in the community to get career learning experience for over 20 years – it has proven to be successful for both students and our community business, non-profit, and civic partners, which is why BIS expanded the internship program to include ALL its juniors and seniors. Many students continue on after their internship experience as regular employees or return to their internship site after high school or college to rewarding and successful careers.

In reality, we couldn't do an internship program without the support and generosity of our community partners. Connecting students with real world experiences and learning is what BIS is all about, and we feel this relationship is paramount in developing successful young adults who continue to build a thriving community.

If you're interested in providing a student with this type of real world learning experience, we would love to hear from you! Please contact our main office at 541 494-6261 during regular school hours or email

How We Do It

Internship days are built into each of the three humanities blocks in BIS. Instead of attending their block classes, students go to their internship. Depending on which humanities block class students are enrolled in determines which day they go out to their internship site and for how long.






Tuesday 4th & 5th Period Tuesday 2nd & 3rd Period Tues. & Thurs. 3rd & Mini Period

Students may also arrange to attend their internship on a different day and/or at a different time as long as it doesn't interfere with their other classes. For instance, some students may elect to go to their internship after school or on the weekend. This often makes it easier to arrange transportation or works better with the internship site.

For Students

Time to enter the real world. You have two primary obligations: the requirements for your block class and the expectations set by your internship site. When you secure an internship site, you will need to determine and follow those expectations set by your internship site – failure to abide by those expectations may result in your dismissal.

The following is a list of BIS requirements and expectations:

  • Internships are non-paid (although students can be paid if the business would like)
  • Students are expected to arrange for their own transportation
  • Students will be responsible for completing and turning in a weekly timesheet (provided) documenting their time and experience.
  • BIS staff will regularly check in with internship sites to verify students' attendance and participation
  • Internships are a little over 2 hours long – depending on which day the student goes out and if the mini schedule is in effect – that means students are to be at their internship for that time – driving time is not part of the internship time commitment
  • Students have TWO weeks to find an internship without penalty once internships officially start. After those two weeks, students without an internship will be required to do an internship makeup assignment and will only receive partial credit for the day
  • Dress appropriately/professionally as outlined/required by your internship site – a good rule of thumb: dress a level higher than required
  • Internship days count as assignments. Missing one is like missing an assignment. Failure to attend an internship day will result in the student receiving an I (incomplete) for that assignment and must be made up on an additional date or extending the regular time of a scheduled internship day
  • If a student is to miss an internship day, they are expected to contact both their internship site and instructors prior to the scheduled internship time
  • Please DO NOT SCHEDULE APPOINTMENTS ON INTERNSHIP DAYS! Haircuts, nails, tanning, doctor, orthodontist, dentist, cosmetologist, photographer, etc. are all examples of places/businesses students should not be at during their internship time
  • Students may be pulled from internship sites for lack of attendance and will forfeit one school credit if this becomes necessary
  • Signed Student Internship Agreement and Internship Parental Release Waiver are required between students, parents, and intern supervisors regarding transportation and participation in a non-paid work experience

For Parents

The following is a list of answers to frequently asked questions:

What if my student doesn't have access to transportation for an internship?

  • We recognize not all students have access to immediate transportation, which is why we allow for some flexibility in scheduling an internship day. If your student doesn't have access to a vehicle during his/her regularly scheduled internship day, we highly encourage him/her to seek an internship on the weekend or after school. We realize this may not be the best option for your student and may present a hardship for him/her and your family – if this is the case please contact your student's block teacher so we can find a solution. In some cases, we are able to help students find an internship site within reasonable walking distance of the school or even on campus.

Can my student intern for my personal business, or a family member's business?

  • Absolutely! Many of our students find an internship with a family member or family friend. We only ask you treat your student as an intern and provide them with a work experience you would offer anyone else. What we don't want is for students to end up with a "free period" at home.

For Our Community Partners

Thank you to our community partners for opening doors to our students to gain valuable real world career experience – we couldn't do it without you!

The following is a list of answers to the most frequently asked questions:

Does our business or organization need to carry additional insurance to participate in the program?

  • Generally speaking, no. Most liability insurance covers interns in the same way as regular employees. District 6 policy requires the employer to maintain comprehensive general liability and automobile liability insurance with the limits of not less than $1,000,000 per occurrence/$1,000,000 annual aggregate. If the student is being paid, the employer shall also maintain workers’ compensation insurance as required under ORS statutes. We recognize that each business or organization may carry different liability policies, so if you have any questions or concerns regarding liability coverage, we encourage you to contact the district CFO

What type of work experience is our business or organization expected to provide?

  • We recognize every business and organization is different. Some must abide by privacy laws and confidentiality agreements, while others do not. Our expectation is community partners provide an experience that best suits the business or organization's ability based upon their current policies, obligations to their customers or clients, and personnel availability. This may mean a student works closely with an accountant or bookkeeper going through balance sheets or invoices, coordinates a lesson plan with a teacher for elementary students, follows instruction to maintain stockroom organization for efficient inventory, observes customer service representatives on the best methods for ensuring customer satisfaction, or builds a website based upon the needs and direction of a small business. In other words, we hope our community partners put our students to work based upon their current skill sets – no job is too small or too big!

What if a student is not meeting our business or organization's expectations, or violates our policies?

  • While we hope this never happens, we would honor the way a business or organization handles an incident consistent with their policies, including dismissal. The intent of the internship program is to provide students with a real world learning experience, which may include real world consequences for a lack of performance or violation of policy. We encourage our community partners to contact us with any concerns regarding an intern's performance so we can work together to ensure the best career experience possible. Please feel free to call 541-494-6261 during regular school hours or email with your concerns.