BIS Academics

BIS offers a college prep core with a variety of options including mini course electives, regular electives, and classes that receive college credit.

Integrated Core

BIS integrates core subjects in a trimester system with electives or other core courses for two main purposes: first, it helps avoid repetition of the same material in two different classes allowing more depth; second, accomplishments in the workplace typically involve the need to apply a variety of skills as opposed to focusing on one individual subject.

Science and business integration provide a strong educational foundation for many professional occupations. BIS provides electives with real world connections such as horticulture, engineering, marketing, and graphic design.

Mini Courses

BIS mini courses are shorter-termed courses taught by almost all BIS teachers. This format allows students to have a wide variety of specific elective offerings.

The shorter time frame is more conducive to trying out new interest areas including hobbies or the arts, and more timely for academic applications such as studying for the SAT. We have also found minis to be a good way to offer advanced tracks to core classes in the form of honors credit or AP labs.

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College Credits

BIS prides itself in offering a broad range of opportunities for students to advance their academic careers beyond high school. To get a jump-start on the competition, BIS students have many opportunities to earn college credit.

Students may take courses in BIS that offer college credit through Rogue Community's College Now program, enroll directly in a RCC class for FREE provided by the generosity of the Morris Foundation, or take an AP course to earn college credit.

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The BIS Internship Experience

Every junior and senior in BIS attends an internship at either a business, school, government agency, non-profit organization, or professional office one time a week for over two hours. The internship experience allows students to gain valuable workplace skills and insight into an occupation they are interested in.

For many students, the internship experience solidifies their ambitions to pursue a career in the related field of their site; however, some students learn from their experience that they would rather explore other options. Either way it turns out, the experience is valuable for students planning their futures.

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Grade Level Teams

All BIS students are part of a grade level team, making them the exclusive focus of only five teachers. This allows teachers to push each student according his or her strengths and weaknesses.

Teachers meet regularly to discuss the needs of the common students they share, coordinate curriculum, and communicate with parents.