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BIS maximizes potential, inspires curiosity, and builds a culture of innovators.

Educational Vision

BIS seeks to provide a strong educational base through integrated subjects to prepare students for college. Organizational and curricular philosophies aim to encourage persistence in setting and attaining goals, working to maximize a student's potential, and inspiring curiosity to go further.

BIS maintains a professional atmosphere to mirror the professional world by emphasizing employability skills in teamwork, communication, and problem solving. Students gain valuable technology skills through innovative core projects in business and marketing, math, science, art and design, world languages, and the humanities.

Students demonstrate academic mastery by applying it to real life, college, and employment-related projects.

Teamwork, Communication, Problem Solving

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BIS focuses on maximizing the potential of its students through the development of three key skills: teamwork, communication, and problem solving.

These three skills are identified by employers as essential to an individual's success as a professional. BIS integrates this philosophy in course curriculum to promote active use of these skills.

BIS emphasizes the process of applying new knowledge to a particular problem and continually improving the quality of work with the intent of instilling life-long habits of exceptional performance.

At a Glance: The Real Picture

We don't settle for the status quo. We wanted something better. So we dug deep. We minded data that doesn't come from a standardized test or a third-party website selling ad space. And what we found is truly unique: a story that tells us that what's really happening in the classrooms of BIS. A story that tells us we have amazing students.


completion rate.
As in, graduate status. Oodles and oodles of diplomas. It's all about that paper: signed, sealed, and delivered.


college credits students earned in 2017.
You read that right. Money in the bank. Kaching. Kaching.


of BIS teachers coach or advise a club.
We're all in, like our students because a classroom should be bigger than four walls.


Juniors & seniors attended an internship for 7-14 weeks in the real.
Authentic learning experiences found here.

Continual Improvement

The philosophy of BIS originates from the Crater School of Business "school within a school" structure that has been successful in the Central Point School District for the last 20 years. While we feel we have established a strong base, BIS has adopted educational principles from nationally recognized innovative schools. We have the same expectations for ourselves as we do for our students – do it well, make it better.