Website & Portfolio


Task 2: Write Home page content

  1. Write two or more engaging paragraphs about yourself. Begin with a hook to catch your reader's attention (consider a quote, significant moment from your life, tell a story, etc.) Make sure it is personal but also professional! Since your website will ultimately advertise you, your talents, and your goals, make sure to answer some or all of the following questions:



Task 1: Set Up Folders and Plan Content for Website

  1. Create a new folder in your U drive CIS folder-- call it PORTFOLIO
  2. Add a folder in this one with each of the following names:
    • Home
    • My Journey
    • Around the World
    • Gallery
    • My Future
  3. Find a picture of yourself that represents who you are-- save it in the Home folder
  4. Write a paragraph about our India speaker-- address some or all of the following information:

    If you were to visit India,

    • what cultural challenges would you face?
    • what language barriers might you face?
    • what language(s) would you hear?
    • what religions would you encounter?
    • what tourist sites would you visit?
    • what would you eat?
    • what other experiences might you have there?
    • what cities would you visit?
    • Proofread closely. Then print and bring to class on Monday.
  5. Then, write a paragraph about our field trip to Jacksonville. Answer some or all of the following questions:
    • What did you learn about tourism in Jacksonville? What sites and events make this town a tourist location?
    • What did you learn about the history of Jacksonville and Southern Oregon? How might this information interest visitors?
    • How did you accomplish the task of locating various locations in Jville? Did you work as a team effectively? Did you problem-solve? If so, how?
    • Now that you've visited Jville, what sites would you like to go back to visit again? Why?
    • How has tourism impacted Southern Oregon?
    • Proofread closely. Print and bring to class on Monday.