CIS Parks Project


Your group will work together to create a park based around a culture or religion of interest. The park will educate and entertain local and visiting guests. It is meant to showcase your knowledge of the religion/ culture based on T1-2 plus information and academic skills you will glean over the course of T3. Aside from information and academic skills, this project includes real-world connections and hands-on demonstration of student knowledge.



Sections of Request for Proposal

1—Parks of Significance—National and International

∆ You are to create a slide that features two parks—one in the US, and one in another country. Sign up with Sullivan when you choose—there can be no repeats in your grade level.


∆ Find an AWESOME picture of each park and write the name of each park underneath. On Monday, April 9th, you will present your two parks to the class. Your presentation should cover the following:
-Name of park
-Highlights/ features of the park
-Why the park was created
-For some cool parks, visit…


Add your slide to the following slide shows.

JUNIOR Slide Show SENIOR Slide Show


∆ For this section, you are also to write a paper explaining the significance of these two parks. Use MLA style (check out and multiple details to support your reasoning for focusing on these parks. Make sure to include a Works Cited page AND an appendix with pictures of the parks that you mention in your paper. For info on how to create an appendix, see: Use Google Drive to write your paper, and share it with Sullivan by 4pm on Friday, April 6th.


2-- Feature Culture/ Religion


In this portion of your paper, explain the significance of your focus culture/ religion. Why should a park in Oregon teach about this topic? What information on the culture or religion do you want visitors to take away? Make sure to use MLA style citations and add new sources to your Works Cited page. Also add at least two new pictures to your Appendix.


Add this portion to your proposal by 4pm on Monday, April 16th, by 4pm.



3-- Park Features


Use the features you took pictures of to guide this part of your project.

Why do parks feature certain components? How are decisions regarding parks made, and who makes them? In this part of your paper, you are to include a feature from Golden Gate Park in each of the following areas:

...recreation / sports

...dedicated garden or memorial

...water feature/ body of water

...carousel or kid-focused feature historical feature


Explain the feature and the purpose it serves. Also, include how the feature came into existence or why it is preserved - what organization or group funded it, supported it, thought it up, etc. If you went on the San Francisco trip, then use pictures from your trip in the Appendix-- five total. If you did not go on the trip, use Google Images to find five pictures of your five features. This part of your parks proposal should be shared with Sullivan by 4pm on Thursday, April 19.




4-- Layout and Design

In your offical proposal, you must include the following and reasoning behind each component below. Discuss all components with your partner before you begin to write (use Sullivan's worksheet-- get approval before you begin typing up this portion). Please write the sections of your paper in the order below:


Part A: Location

--Location: must be in Oregon, include an Oregon map in your appendix showing location, specify urban or rural (Explain location in paper, include map in appendix)


Part B: Features

--Features: include at least five, specify type and size, consider history, natural landscape, art & culture, and

recreation. One or more components must be interactive and two or more components must be informative or educational. (Explain features in paper)


Part C: Budget

--Budget: create a table demonstrating how you will spend up to $500,000 on the park features you specified above. You do not need to budget for land, improvements, staffing, management, upkeep, or necessary facilities. You will find a Parks Project Budget Example in the P drive-- Handouts-- BIS-- CIS-- 2017-18 and should modify the spreadsheet following the example format to reflect your park. (Summarize budget in paper, include spreadsheet in appendix)


Part D: Layout

--Layout: maximum 1 acre of developed park land. Using free landscape design software, design your park layout. Make sure it matches your features and budget. Software options include: VisionScape, TurboCAD, SketchUp, and any others you want to research or try. Please make sure the final product saves as an image (i.e. .jpg) and that there is not a limit to the number of days you can use the software. (Explain layout in paper, include picture of design in appendix)


This part of your project is due in your Google doc by 4pm on May 4th.



5-- Environmental Impact Assessment

When building a structure or developing land, it is necessary to complete an Environmental Impact Assessment to consider the impact your development will have on people, animals, and vegitation. For each of the following areas, tell if your park will have...



After identifying the level of impact, explain why you have come to this conclusion. If there is a potential negative impact, tell why this risk is justified. If you plan on mitigating impact, tell how.



    Would the project substantially degrade the existing visual character or quality of the site and its surroundings?


Biological Resources-- Use THIS as a resource to obtain this information

    Would the project have a substantial adverse effect, either directly or through habitat modification, on a species identified as a species of concern, endangered or threatened?

    *Add screenshot to appendix


Geology and Soils-- Use THIS as a resource to obtain this information

    Would the project impact the soil in the region? (i.e. erosion, use of pesticides, etc.)

    What type of soils exist in your park?

    *Add screenshot to appendix


    Agriculture and Forestry Resources-- Use THIS as a resource to obtain this information

    Would the project result in the loss of forest land or conversion of forest land to non-forest use?

    Would the project result in the loss of agricultural land or conversion of agricultural land to non-agricultural use?

    *Add screenshot to appendix



    Would the project result in a substantial permanent increase in ambient noise levels in the project vicinity?

    Would the project result in a substantial permanent increase in ambient light levels in the project vicinity?


Hazards-- Use THIS website to get wildfire information, and use THIS for floodplain information

    Would the project expose people or structures to a significant risk of loss, injury or death involving wildland fires?

    Is flooding a risk in your park?

    *Add screenshot to appendix


Hydrology and Water Quality

    Would the project substantially deplete groundwater or otherwise degrade water quality in the project vicinity?



    Does the project include recreational facilities or require the construction or expansion of recreational facilities, which might have an adverse physical effect on the environment?



    Would the building of access road(s) to the project substantially impact the environment?

Would the project connect to existing public transit?


This part of your project is due in your Google doc by 4pm on May 11th.


6-- Physical Model


You are to build a physical model of your park. Ideas and inspirationa are HERE. Requirements: all features must be present; materials must be sustainable (cardboard, found objects, foliage, etc.); size is a one foot minimum and two foot maximum squared; product must be neat, professional, and innovative.


Your physical model must be complete and turned in by Thursday, May 17th.



7-- Brochure


You are to create a brochure to advertise your park.


Your brochure MUST follow all of the guidelines below:

Double sided in color (1 page maximum, 8.5 by 11)


Unfolded, bi-fold or tri-fold

Title and slogan

Professional and visually pleasing

It must include information about ALL of the following:



Culture and significance


Activities / Things to Do


Additional recommendations for your brochure are as follows:

A logo

Contact information

Inspire visitors






Save your finished brochure in the P drive- handins- BIS- CIS- 2017_18- Parks Brochure by 4pm on Friday, May 18. Sullivan will print 4 color copies for you.



8-- Presentation


You are to create an engaging and informative presentation about your park for an audience who will either determine that you should in fact receive a grant for your park or decide that you will not receive the funding you need. 


All group members must speak for approximately the same amount of time during the presentation. Your time limit for the spoken presentation is 8-12 minutes. You presentation must include:


1. An engaging introduction


2. An explanation of why the park is necessary and beneficial


3. The features you included and the reasoning behind each with your models (physical and digital on computer screen) as guides


4. Details on the budget and why it is appropriate


5. Information about how your park will impact the environment and be sustainably planned


6. A convincing closing



Your audience will also have the chance to ask questions about your park proposal for 3-5 minutes after your presentation. 



Your booth will serve as a visual to help convince your audience to support your park. You will have space, a table, and a computer available to you. Consider how you will present the park. Place the model appropriately, use signage to display the name of the park, use the computer to show your 3D model, budget, etc. Decorate the space with artifacts that represent your feature culture or your park specifically. Be creative! You can make a slide show, bring in items, etc.

















Park Specifics