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Real World Connections

NEW! Support the Lohman Family – Go Team Foster!

Mr. Lohman's four-year old son, Foster, was recently diagnosed with leukemia. The family has been told to prepare for at least a month-long stay for diagnosis and initial treatment at Portland's OHSU. As a single income family, this puts a huge strain on their financial resources in addition to the unimaginable emotional stresses this illness also puts upon their family.

Click here to donate what you can to help Foster and his family

Paige Berriochoa KDRV 12's Amateur Athlete of the Week

Congratulations to Crater High BIS senior Paige Berriochoa for being named as Channel 12’s “Amateur Athlete of the Week." We are proud of Paige and her incredibly talented team. Currently the Comets are ranked 4th in the 5A conference. Come out to support Paige and the other "Greater" Crater Seniors on Senior night – it will be AMAZING!

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