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Congratualations BIS Class of 2014!

The Pomp and Circumstance buzzed through the crowd of proud parents, grandparents, and family members as BIS seniors rythmically stepped onto the stage to take their place in Crater High history. With confindence and poise, Valedictorian Sarah Howell charged the sound waves with her speech and a challenge to the class of 2014: "Be a Champion!"

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District 6 Boasts Lowest Drop Out Rate in the Region

The recently released Oregon schools Report Card show District 6 has the lowest drop out rate (1.0%) compared to other districts in Southern Oregon. Not only did the district outperform like schools in the region in terms of the drop out rate, the district outperformed the state.

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District 6 Schools Outperform Region

District 6 schools outperformed the region with the highest percentage of “above average” (Top Third) schools in the region and lowest percentage (10%) of “below average” schools in the region, compared to similar schools statewide. BIS is proud to be among the district's top performing schools.

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