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Real World Connections

Interested in a Different Kind of High School Experience?

Learn about our innovative programs such as our integrated humanities and ecology blocks, or electric car building. Learn about our engaging project-based approach in our guitar building and programming classes.

Have you heard about CESPN? Go live on the big stage under Friday Night Lights or interview cutting edge directors in the Ashland Independent Film Festival. This is the place to be for video production!

Do you have general questions about high school or how the three schools work?

We've got you covered. Our teachers and administrators are here to answer all your questions.

Click here to read more about the BIS Experience!

Senior Portraits for Yearbook

Senior Portrait Submission Deadline is December 7, 2018

Head and Shoulder Shot

Yearbook is proud to announce that we are now accepting senior portraits!

We highly recommend you use a head & shoulder shot as shown on the right because it shows who you really are at this amazing time in your life!

Photos must be portrait orientation – any photo set in landscape will be adjusted to portrait to fit our page layout for the senior photo pages in the yearbook.

Senior Quote and Fun Pic

Submit a quote that is meaningful to you and a fun/different than senior picture of you to put alongside your quote. Note: we will use your student body photo for students that do NOT turn in a fun picture.

Click here for submission details