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Real World Connections

NEW! BIS Outperforms Region in Smarter Balanced

BIS students rocked the ELA segment of the Smarter Balanced Assessment with 85% of students meeting the required benchmark – the highest in the region and significantly better than the state average of 68%. Furthermore, 54% of BIS students exceeded the benchmark, outperforming the state average of 33%. In math, BIS students outperformed the state average by 13%.

To cap it all off, the BIS graduation rate – 79.4% – exceeds the state average, making BIS one of the top schools in our region!

We are so proud of our BIS students! Thank you parents, teachers, and community supporters for making Crater BIS one of the best schools in Southern Oregon. Our goal is to continue to lead the region by working hard in developing key skills in communication, problem solving, and teamwork!

BIS Earns US News Bronze Medal Distinction

Congratulations to ALL BIS students, parents, and teachers that made this happen!

BIS Earns Bronze Medal from US News & World Report

Click here to check out the entire BIS profile on the US News website!